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We maintain our position as the top service provider in waste management on the Romanian market, with expansion on the international market.

SC STILO EVORA SRL is a company with fully private capital, established in 2009 and operates in the tertiary economic sector.

SC STILO EVORA SRL is involved in the collection, temporary storage, transport, treatment, and recovery/disposal activities, including preparation for re-use of a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and carries out these activities on the basis of environmental permits issued by the competent authorities and in compliance with environmental protection and waste transport regulations.


The company has finalized its Integrated Management System, a system that includes the environmental component and its approach at the company level (from top management to employees, with specific responsibilities). Within this process, the unit has developed its own Policy of the Environmental Management System, the policy that contains precise, sustainable objectives and realistic deadlines. 


SC STILO EVORA SRL has a documented accident prevention policy, materialized through an Operational Plan for prevention and management of emergency situations (PSI), as well as a Plan for prevention and rapid intervention in case of accidental pollution. They deal with site hazards, especially in connection with accident prevention with a possible impact on the environment. 


The company Stilo Evora acquired in Romania: 


Environmental Permit no. 271 of 11.10.2011 - Transport of hazardous waste; Drilling fluid station; Hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection. 


Integrated Environmental Authorization no. 4 –BH of 11.05.2016 - for the platform for taking over, temporary storage, processing, treatment, recovery and final disposal, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including preparation for reuse. 


Our goal is to create an environment in which self-taught and proactive employees manage to consistently fulfill their constitutive commitments and create a positive impact through interactions with customers, communities and their colleagues, always building on our values as a proactive organization. 

Performance and reliability

We comply with all regulatory reports and legal requirements. Performance is delivered reliably, in accordance with all local and state regulations to ensure that the services provided at the highest level are at the same time.

Personalized and dedicated services

Our waste collection processes and services are tailored to meet the needs of each customer, depending on the specific requirements. We customize the services to ensure that we offer an unbeatable value for money and we take into account the various infrastructure challenges and risk profiles.

Ability & Power

We have the capacity to manage and process all waste, from the initial stage to the disposal phase, so that our customers benefit from a complete package of services and we cover their need to request further support.


Sustainability and environmental value

We offer economic, social and environmental benefits, by monitoring the overall performance and all our operations, specifically. Implementing sustainable business practices improves the value and efficiency we offer our customers.

Social responsibility

Our business model is focused on customers and communities we serve, so we strive to transform their lives through everything we offer them.


View our company presentation in english or russian:

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