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Iulius Claudiu Faur

I believe in the strength of our organization to overcome the problems of concentrating in important directions, determination and making bold decisions. We are part of a collective, lasting prosperity and we participate in its construction. We are not a simple economic entity, we are part of society and we want to make a considerable contribution to everything around us.

My Story

A rapidly changing environment gives us the opportunity to adapt and progress. Every day means a new challenge and a new solution for us, as an organization. We put fairness and the relationship with our customers first. This is how integrity and loyalty serve in the long run.

I choose to be part of the solution. I choose to make my voice heard. I choose to put people first. I choose to make inclusion and diversity essential to everything we do at Stilo Evora. And I choose to teach my sons that progress never comes in a straight line and success is based not only on the results we get, but also on how we get them. The lessons we teach today's youth will shape our views and society for future generations.

We have a global perspective, technical training and international delivery capacity, to solve even the most complex environmental problems. Through innovation, integrity, technical expertise and efficient project management, we will provide exceptional results, with a focus on real business solutions.

We combine and balance the objectives of each project with the expectations of stakeholders and regulatory requirements. We protect the environment, allow business growth and protect social welfare. We are a reliable partner, dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement.


The Stilo Evora family finds its foundation of success in its capable and strong members. We are committed to caring for each other, our customers, the community and the environment.


No. 49c, Calea Republicii Street, Marghita city, Bihor county, Romania, 415300

0259 362 093

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